Perth: Live Active Card - Leisure Activities

Perth: Live Active Card - Leisure Activities

Perth and Kinross Region: Live Active Card

Sports and Leisure Activities


Your local Perth and Kinross sports & leisure centres.


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Contact your local centre


Prices -


Live active cards give concessions on regular prices.  It costs Adults £12 per year, all children under 16 get free cards.

If you get working child tax credits, you & your partner can get free cards too. (need to update annually)

Current prices can be found on these pages:

Pay and play prices:

Membership price structure


If you live outwith the Perth Council area, you can still access discounted rates.  

Carers still go free and disabled person will receive the concession price on first visit. For subsequent visits you will need to complete the above forms and present proof of your benefits received.

Information correct as at May 2013