About Us

This website was created by a family with a young person with a disability - Autism - which requires plenty of forward planning for days out.  This allows families to check what is on offer and consider the costs for the day out.    

The website will have information on concessions available across Scotland, but the places and attractions are not endorsed by Perth Autism Support, and we would suggest you look at their website and contact them directly should you have any further information.

We hope you find it useful.

You are welcome to enter comments in our Guest book and/or email us with your suggested places to visit on info@perthautismsupport.org.uk


Our users

Typically our users will be parents/carers of kids with a disability.

Although many of the concessions may also apply to carers of adults with a disability. Those carers need to check with the individual place of interest for further details

History of project

We have a kid with a disability, I want to be able to get out and about as much as possible within our finances.

We want to be able to work out roughly how much a day out will cost me, this includes travel costs, food, and places to visit.

We called a number of organisations only to find that there is not a web site already dedicated to discounts/concessions available to families with a disability.

First action is to create a places to visit zone which highlights opening times and prices avaliable.

Then we plan to look at travel costs by train and bus, also looking at bus passes to outline concession available generally.

Then perhaps we can list local services, such as restaurants, hairdressers, shops which offer further discounts/concessions.

Please look at our Blog to see our progress.